Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Night in Bethlehem

This ward Christmas party looks amazing! They did "A Night in Bethlehem." I love how they used canopy tents draped in sheets and bed skirts. They tied them off and hung lights and the results are beautiful. I love the well filled with bottled water, the signs, the lights, and all of the baskets holding the different foods. Visit their website for more details here.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Christmas Party Centerpiece Ideas

Don't these centerpieces look good enough to eat?  I love this idea!  I think it can fit for many different ward Christmas party themes.  Gorgeous!

The direct link to her website is here.

Winter Wonderland

This Christmas party is classy!  I love the snow everywhere - hung from the ceiling, the snowmen, the gingerbread houses at each table covered in "snow," the all around ambience is breathtaking.  Go to the blog here.

Symbols of Christmas

This is a play I found from "Little LDS Ideas" and it's wonderful. It's a play about the different symbols of Christmas, like the candy cane, the star, the tree, etc. The script for the play is on the website here:

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Classy Polar Express

This Polar Express idea is super classy, simple, and so Christmas-y. The ward gym looks stunning in these photos. I am linking to the blog with the blogger's permission - you will want to visit this site.  Click here. Such a great idea!

Polar Express

I recently stumbled on a GREAT Ward Christmas Party. It was for the Polar Express, and I'm linking directly to the blog with the blogger's permission. It looked amazing! Check it out here.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Christmas Around The World

We did this theme last year and our ward loved it.  We live in a very diverse area, and our ward members are from all around the world or have lived all around the world.  So we thought it would be neat to have ward members decorate a table with items they have from around the world.  The decorations ranged from small flags and books, to dolls and other toys, to Christmas decorations they collected while living or visiting there, etc.

For dinner that night we had ward members sign up to bring a main dish or a dessert from a certain country.  We had enchiladas from Mexico, Lumpia from the Phillipines, Shepherd's Pie from the UK, Red Cabbage from Germany,as well as great desserts - crepes from France, Swiss cookies, etc.

We also had a sing along from the Reader's Digest Christmas song book.  We sang 4 or 5 different songs from different countries, like "Bring A Torch Jeanette Isabella" from France, "Christmas in Killarny" from Scotland, "O Tannembaum" from Germany, etc.  We had a flute, violin, and piano play along.  We had a missionary in our ward at the time from Hungary so he got up and sang a Christmas song in Hungarian.

A sister in our ward from Spain even made a piƱata for the kids at the end of the night!